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Voice Over Projects

I’ve done Voice Over works for various Fortune 500 companies along with many other businesses worldwide.


Commercial VO work for Microsoft, Apple, iTunes, Google Play, State Farm, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Warner Bros., and much video work, too. All recording done in house, using EV RE20, top of line mics, acoustic panels installed, and video editing and recording equipment in house studio, all HD, including green screen work.

Voiceover Works, Brand identities, Videos and Contents for Digital Platforms.

Voice Over

I love VO work, and am eager to “rush” your project, if needed.


I also do Vloggings and Walkthroughs on products and events for brands.

Producing, Writing

I have produced some notable shows and podcasts in my career.

The Not Old - Better Show :
Voiceovers :
Why Hire Me?


I’m a well known freelance writer, radio host, and podcaster to the 50+ age community, published in AARP, PBS/NextAvenue, Huffington Post, Changing Aging Magazine. I am close both in age and in temperament to my audience, and as my show focuses on “better”; better aging, better conversation, better guests, better friends, better relationships, joy and passionate living, it has definitely made feel that I’ve been a better person over the years.


My specialties include my work as an award-winning blogger, podcaster, writer, and producer. I was one of the founding editors of MommyCast & MommyCast Latina, the wildly popular, very first mom podcast in audio and video, and I was its producer from 2004 to 2012. I’ve collaborated with companies such as P&G, Disney, 21st Century FOX, Microsoft, Apple, State Farm, Pfizer Pharma, and SONY, among many others. 

MommyCast has been featured in the Hollywood Reporter, Washingtonian Magazine, BusinessWeek, Variety magazines, USA Today and Wall Street Journal newspapers, among many others. I currently host The Not Old – Better Show, a podcast for the 50+ age community.